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We are located in Villablino, the main gateway to  El Valle de Laciana, a declared UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.
Surrounded by an outstanding historical, cultural and natural heritage, wildlife appears in the most casual of encounters:  you can enjoy the
unique experience of brown bear watching and although the capercaille is less easy to spot, you might be lucky!!. If not, bounded as it is by
mountains, experience The Capercaille Centre.
It is  undeniable to pay a visit to the Castros, astounding Neolithic fortified Settlements, taking a walk on the numerous paths leading  to striking
landscapes,  Chapels, Roman Bridges, Churches, ancient Water Mills … A fantastic world for you to discover.
Villablino also enjoys good road links to other major and relevant cities:
León: Capital of the Kingdom of the Middle Ages. It is  a historical setting on the pilgrims Road to Santiago, with breathtaking monuments as the
Gothic Cathedral, with its world famous stained-glass windows and  San Isidoro with its impressive romanic paintings.
Gijón: Being a city built around the water, it is  no wonder that many of Gijón´s recreational activities involve the sand, sea and sun. Even if you are
not a swimmer, the beaches offer a chance to get away from it all for a day and enjoy the fresh air and relaxed way of life.
Ponferrada: Feel the atmosphere of being a knight in a Templar Castle or a Roman gold miner in Las Médulas.
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As you see, you will live in a world of Myths and Legends.
The Albergue Francisco Giner de los Ríos is a part of Campus Sierra- Pambley  and consists of  3 picturesque  buildings of the area.
Shared bedrooms (12,8,6 and 4) all of them equipped with individual wardrobes and en-suite bathrooms.
Enjoy more independent accommodation in our Residential Hall, 24 twin bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms.
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Full laundry services one a week for clothes and bedlinen. Towels and bedlinen will be provided;  all clothes must be clearly labelled.
Internet facilities, Barrier free access for those with mobility problems, Air conditioning and Central Heating Systems, Meeting rooms, TV room,
Dining room, Classrooms, Library, Teachers Staff Room, Garden, Outdoor area.
Nearby facilities: Football Pitch, Tennis Court, Basketball Court, Swimming Pool, Infirmary and Medical Centre.
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Full board included 4 meals: breakfast, lunch, snack and diner in house catering. Packed lunched are available for excursions. Vegetarian food
available on request.
You will speak Spanish in the classroom from the very moment you attend classes since we focus our teaching on Spanish conversation and we will
guarantee you will gradually become a more confident speaker.
3 hours per day tuition. The level of each student will be determined by a Spanish test on the first day.  All didactic material will be issued to
Brand new literature courses: we are designing courses for Spanish language teachers interested in broadening their knowledge in Spanish
literature. If you are interested, get more information in:
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Our teaching staff has been carefully selected ; all of them are bilingual and licensed in the teaching of English or Spanish and Master in Teaching
When the course ends the teacher will give each student a report card together with a course certificate award.
Tailored courses on request.
Dynamic, lively and imaginative program of extracurricular activities which will certainly help you to practice what you have already leaned. 
Please be free to suggest new activities and excursions.
Examples of activities: “Tapas” tour, Traditional dance classes, Spanish cooking class, Cultural talk…
Two full day excursions  per fortnight .
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Courses available from  29th June to 17th August.
Prices include:
.Full board
. Accommodation,
. Activities programme
. Academic programme
. Round trip airport pick up (from Madrid or Asturias airport)
. All excursions (transport, packed lunch, guided tour and entrances)
Prices in Euros, taxes included:
                                                                 STAY IN ALBERGUE                         RESIDENCE HALL
One week                                                  895 euros                                           1.085 euros
Two weeks                                                1.685 euros                                       1.890 euros

For further information please contact us and our personal is happy to help you.
Telephone number: +(34)987472003
Fax number:+(34)987472003             e-mail:
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